Monday, December 26, 2011

Multiple open positions for Google Gurgaon!!

Hi All,

We have multiple open positions for Google Gurgaon.

We are looking for freshers and experienced candidates (upto 1 year experience). The prime requirements for these resources are: - 

·         Excellent written/verbal communication skills
·         Good Analytic skills

Preference Qualifications – Any Graduate OR Post Graduate OR  MBA (Please do not send CVs with technical qualification such as B.Tech / MCA as this is a non tech profile)

CTC offering = 2.4 LPA

All are requested to send reference CVs on the following Email ID given below.

Monday, November 7, 2011

EID SPECIAL ** Generate Unlimited Skype Free Calling Credits ***

Hello Friends, I am again back with a BANG.
Now u can generate unlimited Skype Vouchers, If u are using HOTSPOT SHIELD.

YOGEE1615 posted a thread
where he mentioned how a HOTSPOT SHIELD user can generate a coupon worth 1.02 EURO of calling, But the limitation was that a single user was able to generate only a single voucher. Everybody tried almost all sort of trick to generate unlimited vouchers from a single computer.

I gave a hint to change the MAC ADDRESS but everyone got failed in implementing it. I notice that it was working only in previous version. New versions don't track users by MAC ADDRESS. By some research , i found that it tracks user by its COMPUTER-NAME AND WORK-GROUP which u can found by right clicking My computer and then clicking Properties and then going to COMPUTER NAME TAB.

HSS TRACKS users by this two parameters and generate only single voucher for a single COMPUTER NAME. So by changing THE COMPUTER NAME , u can generate more vouchers, but changing COMPUTER NAME requires rebooting the computer. So Don't you think it would be cumbersome if we have to change Computer-name and then restart computer and then run HSS and then generate a voucher and then do the whole process to generate another voucher. i think it would take 5 minutes minimum to generate a single voucher. How about doing this thing in only 10 seconds. That's what i have done



2> R4huldud3.exe (in attachment) 


1> Open R4huldud3.exe, Enter two fields .
First one is for Computer name and second one is for Work-group.
Now click on SET.
Now it will change both things in your computer without restarting it
2> Run HSS and connect
3> Open in your browser. U will get a code
4> Now in R4huldud3.exe, enter two values again , different than the previous values. Remember that fill only alphabets , no special characters.
5> Now in HSS click RECONNECT.
6> Now again Surf 
u will get a new voucher

7> Now keep repeating STEP 4, 5 and 6 to generate different values, no need to close HSS, only click RECONNECTafter setting two different values in R4uldud3.exe

Keep collecting voucher , until you satisfied.

Redeem these vouchers at

This whole thing will take only approx 15 second , so u can generate around 250 vouchers in a single hour


Some people have suggested to reinstall Operating System to get a single voucher. No offense but i found it very funny. To get a single voucher u would do a thing which takes almost an hour.